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At Quinde Foundation we have been working since 2015 on the creation and implementation of social programs.


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We have helped hundreds of children in different provinces of Ecuador.

Our social project focuses on the educational area, with the development of learning programs to provide tools to children and young people in vulnerable situations, for better personal development.

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We firmly believe that all children have rights under which they should be protected.

Our social work model seeks to ensure the fulfillment of these rights.

The basis of our social work model is related to the following children's rights:


The right to a dignified life, under socio-economic conditions that allow their integral development, a nutritious, balanced, and sufficient food, recreation and games, to quality education, clothing, and housing with all basic services.

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The right to health.

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The right to culture, to participate freely in cultural expressions.

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The right to recreation and relaxation, sports, the practice of appropriate games, in safe and accessible spaces.

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The right to personal integrity.

Quinde Foundation & Breaking Cycles

We are incredibly excited to announce the partnership (work agreement) between Quinde Foundation and Breaking Cycles. The two foundations are joining forces to develop social projects for the benefit of children in Ecuador.
This partnership stems from the mutual desire to implement social development programs that provide medium-term and long-term tools to children and young people to stimulate their abilities and improve opportunities for their professional development.
In this respect, we plan to develop and implement different comprehensive programs.


The first project that we developed together is a cooking program for children and young people of all ages. The program is divided into modules that will be implemented progressively, according to age. Through work in the kitchen, we plan to introduce girls and boys to the world of gastronomy. In each class, we intend to spark their curiosity about cooking and give them the opportunity to discover the textures, flavors, and food processes.

Each class will be an opportunity to develop different skills such as:
-Concentration, attention and memorization
-Creativity and ingenuity
-Order, planning and time management
-Social skills
-Fine motor skills and coordination
-Increased sensory awareness
-Improved self-esteem and self-confidence
-Project management

Additionally, we plan to implement the program bilingually by using English for conversations during cooking classes. With this project, we hope to provide tools for their personal and professional development in the future and therefore. be able to choose to develop a profession in the kitchen area. They’ll also gain the basic knowledge for project management and the use of the English language.

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