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Quinde Foundation has developed different volunteer programs as we know that teamwork always gives better results.

We appreciate your commitment and support to reach those who need it most with our social programs.
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Educational Volunteering

Our social work model focuses on the implementation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) educational courses.

We have decided to implement the STEM methodology due to the benefits it brings to children who are exposed to this type of education, among which we would like to highlight:
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Develop teamwork
Learn to make group decisions
Increase creativity for problem-solving
Develop critical thinking
Improve self-esteem
Enhance communication skills
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Within the STEM educational program of Quinde Foundation, we include the following activities:
Science experiments
Chess games
Rubik cubes solving
Games using Legos
Robotics for Kids
If you enjoy working with children and would like to develop educational and recreational activities in the STEM environment, please apply for Educational Volunteering.

Volunteering for Universities

This volunteering program is focused on university students from the following careers:
- Business Administration
- Communication
- Graphic Design
- Linguistics
- Systems Engineering
- Software Engineering
- Psychology
- Basic / Initial Education
- Advertising
- Marketing
- Tourism

We are looking for people who want to develop their knowledge acquired in the classroom and put it into practice with the creation of activities and tools that allow the implementation of Quinde Foundation's social programs.

You also could develop your degree project on topics that contribute to the internal growth of the Foundation.

Volunteering for Foreigners

Would you like to visit Ecuador and get into its culture? We invite you to volunteer with us!

If you know English and you enjoy working with children and young people, join our volunteer program for the development of STEM educational activities in English.

Our goal with this program is to support the learning processes of English as a second language for children in vulnerable situations.

Contact us to receive more details about the Volunteering Program for Foreigners who visit Ecuador.
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